Whitehorse City Council

Executive Management Team

Whitehorse City Council is led by the Chief Executive Officer who operates under the guidance of the elected Council. Council delivers its services to the community through four departments, each of which is led by a General Manager.

Listed below are details of Council's Chief Executive Officer and the General Managers of each department, along with their areas of responsibility. Download the pdf icon Organisation Chart (42.83kB).

Noelene Duff
Chief Executive OfficerNoelene Duff

Prior to joining the City of Whitehorse in 2000, Noelene was Director of Customer Services at the City of Monash and had held management roles in state and local government including Senior Policy Advisor – Department of the Premier and Cabinet and the Health Department of Victoria.

Qualifications: Noelene has a Masters in Business, Graduate Diploma in Business, Bachelor of Social Work and Bachelor of Arts. Former professional roles have included President of Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA), the national peak body for local government managers, Vice President and member of the Box Hill Institute Board, President and Vice President of Local Government Professionals (LGPro), the Victorian association for local government professionals. She is also a Fellow of the Institute of Company Directors, the Institute of Public Affairs Australia, LGMA and LGPro, and the Institute’s Audit, Finance and Risk Committee. Noelene has most recently served as Vice President Oceania for the International City Managers Association for a three year term and as Chair of their Finance and Operations Committee.

Areas of responsibility: As CEO, Noelene is responsible for the overall management and performance of all Council operations. The four General Managers report to her and she is directly responsible for the Civic Services and Communications Departments.

Direct reports: Tony De Fazio, Executive Manager Governance and Customer Service; Sally Freud, Manager Communications; Phil Warner, Stretegic Projects; Jo George, Executive Assistant.

Role of Civic Services and Communications Departments: Civic Services is at the frontline of Council's operations. The department is responsible for customer/resident services, as well as the provision of governance advice and procedural matters, Civic Centre amenities services and print room operations. Civic Services operates Council's three customer service centres at Nunawading, Forest Hill and Box Hill.

The Communications Department provides information on Council activities and services to the community, staff and media. The department facilitates advocacy, community engagement and consultation on a range of key services, activities, issues, projects and events. 

Terry Wilkinson
General Manager Human Services

Prior to joining Whitehorse in 2003, Terry had broad experience working in the Human Services area of local government with positions at the City of Maroondah and the Shire of Yarra Ranges.

Terry has also worked in not-for-profit child and family support agencies.

Qualifications: Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration. Graduate – Australian Institute of Company Directors. Graduate – General Manager Program, Australian Graduate School of Management. Fellow LGPro.

Areas of responsibility: Community Development, Home and Community Care, Health and Family Services, and Arts and Recreation Development.

Direct reports: Debbie Seddon, Manager Community Development; May Hassan, Manager Home and Community Care; Tony Johnson, Manager Health and Family Services; Shayne Price, Manager Arts and Cultural Services; Kendall Sinclair, Manager Leisure and Recreation.

Role of Human Services Division: Council's Human Services division comprises four departments: Home and Community Care, Community Development, Health and Family Services, and Arts and Recreation Development. Human Services provides support services for the frail aged and/or people with disabilities, children, youth and families, public health services for all residents, community planning, social policy and community development activities, events, cultural facilities, arts programs, Council's aquatic centres, public golf course and community centre, as well as planning and policy development for parks, open space and recreation resources.

Peter SmithPeter Smith
General Manager Corporate Services

Peter came to Whitehorse in July 2007 following nine years at Telstra, most recently as General Manager Financial Assurance and Development.

Prior to this, Peter had held various corporate and financial roles with Eastman Kodak Asia Pacific in Tokyo and Kodak Australasia.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce from Melbourne University, and a registered CPA with CPA Australia.

Areas of responsibility: Finance and Corporate Performance, People & Culture, Compliance, Business Technology, and Property and Rates.

Direct reports: Stuart Cann, Head Finance and Corporate Performance; Mark Ackland, Head Digital & Business Technology; Pauline Bennett, Manager People & Culture; Steve Morison, Manager Compliance; Tony Peak; Manager Property and Rates.

Role of Corporate Services Division: The Corporate Services division is responsible for managing Council's monetary transactions, computer systems, records, human resources, training, risk management, corporate projects, parking, local laws, animal management and school crossing supervision, and for co-ordinating rates, valuations, property management and GIS functions. This division is also responsible for ensuring Council's compliance in relation to Privacy, the Public Records Act and Record Management Standards.

Nigel Brown
General Manager Infrastructure

Nigel came to Whitehorse in 2015 following eleven years at Kingston City Council and five at Knox City Council. Nigel has held management positions in a variety of local government portfolios, including Leisure, Parks, Urban Design, Arts & Culture and Festivals. Nigel was previously Manager ParksWide at Whitehorse. He was appointed to his current position as General Manager Infrastructure in July 2018.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education)

Areas of responsibility: Assets and Capital Works, Major Projects and Buildings, City Works, Major Projects and ParksWide.

Direct reports: Sam Hewett, Manager Assets and Capital Works; Siobhan Belmore, Head of Major Projects and Buildings; Simon Kinsey, Manager City Works; Steve Tierney (Acting), Manager ParksWide.

Role of Infrastructure Division: Council's Infrastructure division comprises: Assets and Capital Works, Major Projects and Buildings, City Works and ParksWide. It is primarily responsible for maintaining and upgrading Council's assets and infrastructure, the City's open space areas, the Whitehorse Recycling and Waste Centre as well as fleet of plant and vehicle assets. 

Jeff Green
General Manager City Development

Jeff came to Whitehorse in 2007 following seven years at Bayside City Council. Jeff has held different management positions at Whitehorse, including Assistant Manager Statutory Planning and Manager Planning and Building. He was appointed to his current position as General Manager City Development in September 2014.
Qualifications: Bachelor of Town Planning, LGPro Mastering Management Program.

Areas of responsibility: Planning, Building, Engineering and Environmental Services and Business and Economic Development

Direct reports: Ilias Kostopoulos, Manager Engineering and Environmental Services; Kim Marriott, Manager Planning and Building; Deb Shambrook, Investment and Economic Development.

Role of City Development Division: Council's City Development division comprises Planning and Building, Engineering and Environmental Services, and Investment and Economic Development. The Planning and Building Department is responsible for planning policy development and ensuring that development complies with relevant planning legislation. The Investment and Economic Development Unit facilitates local economic development in partnership with business and community networks. The Engineering and Environmental Services Department is responsible for waste and recycling, traffic, strategic asset management, and design and construction.