Whitehorse City Council

Prevention of Violence Against Women

Exit This Page Button Council is committed to the prevention of violence against women in Whitehorse. Council is currently developing an action plan with a Prevention of Violence Against Women working group. The group, consisting of interested agencies within the municipality, was established to assist Council in developing the strategy and share knowledge and best practice about the issue within the municipality. 

Council is also a member of the Together for Equality and Respect initiative run by Women’s Health East. It consists of a range of organisations across the eastern region that are committed to promoting respectful relationships and the prevention of the violence against women through their plans, policies and practices. 

White Ribbon Campaign

Whitehorse City Council supports the White Ribboncampaign, held annually on 25 November to coincide with the International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women. 

White Ribbon Day aims to allow all women to live in safety, free from all forms of men’s violence, by running awareness-raising and education programs with youth, schools and work places across the broader community. 

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence

White Ribbon Day also signals the start of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence initiative, ending on Human Rights Day (10 December). 

In 2014, Council supported a forum for workers in the region titled ‘Stop Working in Silence’. For more information, please contact Council’s Community Development Department on 9262 6333. 

In addition, Council supported the Listening to and Learning from Women campaign, which washeld in Melbourne’s eastern region. The project collected, shared and promoted the words of women who have survived violence in order to end violence against women in our community. 

Fostering Community Connections

Council understands that having strong connections within the local community can greatly assist in protecting women and rebuilding their lives following family violence. A range of community-friendly classes, courses, events and groups are held across the municipality to assist women to regain confidence and connect with their community.  

  • Neighbourhood and Community Houses provide adult learning opportunities in a supportive, friendly environment to assist people to gain confidence, personal growth and support in everyday life.
  • Box Hill Community Arts Centre provides a wide range of activities and workshops in all areas of the arts for adults, youth and children.
  • Council’s online events calendar provides a listing of what’s on offer at community houses, sports clubs, galleries and other venues in Whitehorse.
  • Council’s online Community Directory provides a comprehensive list of community groups, government departments, sports clubs, charities, schools and service clubs that support the local community. 

For more information, visit Council's Preventing Family Violence and Additional Services pages.