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Fair Trade Fortnight 2017 Events

Fair Trade Fashioning a fairer future  

Sammy J storytimeFair trade fashion was on trend this June, as Council celebrated Fair Trade Fortnight

Events included a storytime session with comedian Sammy J, a screening of the documentary The True Cost with a talk by Amy Botta from Fairtrade Australia NZ and the Fair Trade Fortnight Ethical Fashion Show.

Participants learned how our fashion choices can make a powerful difference in the lives of workers in developing nations.

Ethical Fashion Show

Students from Box Hill Institute showed off their sustainably designed, ethical garments alongside ethical clothing from fashion brands A.BCH, Etiko, Bhumi Organic Cotton, Theo the Label,  Alexandria Main, Pure Pod and Sinerji.

Fair Trade Fashion Week - clothes Fair Trade Fashion Week - group

Fair Trade Fashion Week - group 2 Fair Trade Fashion Week - viewing

Fair Trade Fashion Week - parade 1 Fair Trade Fashion Week - parade 2 Fair Trade Fashion Week - parade 3 Fair Trade Fashion Week - parade 4 Fair Trade Fashion Week - parade 5

Fair Trade Film Competition

Whitehorse’s Fair Trade Fashion Short Film Competition in April 2017, encouraged film-makers to create 1-3 minute short films that promoted fair trade fashion.

Congratulations to the winners of the Competition, who were announced at the Whitehorse Sustainability Awards.

Under 12 and People’s Choice Awards

Aaron Tan for his film Contrived.

Over 18 Award

Taysha McFarland and Tristan Braines for their film Shop Your Values.

Visit Whitehorse at YouTube to view all entries or watch them below.

Fair Trade Fashion Resources

  • PDF icon Every Choice Matters – Fair Trade Fashion booklet by Whitehorse City Council (5.50MB)
    Want to purchase ethical clothes but not sure where to start? This booklet showcases some fantastic Australian brands that you may not have heard of that are doing a great job providing us with an ethical alternative to fast fashion. Brands in the “Featured” section were showcased at Whitehorse City Council’s Ethical Fashion Show on 18 May 2017.
  • Ethical Fashion Guide by Baptist World Aid 
    Each year since 2013, Baptist World Aid publishes a series of industry reports through its Behind the Barcode project. The Ethical Fashion Report seeks to help Australians shop ethically and by doing so, advocate with their wallets. The Ethical Fashion Guide is a companion to the 2017 Ethical Fashion Report. Use it to help you make everyday, ethical purchasing decisions.
  • Fanzine #001 by Fashion Revolution 
    Fashion Revolution is an international non-profit organisation that raises awareness, advocates for positive change and celebrates those creating a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion. This zine features poetry, illustration, photography, graphic design and editorial that explores the hidden stories behind your clothing, what the price you pay for fashion means and how your purchasing power can make a positive difference.