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Forest Ridge Draft Development Plan

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The community is invited to comment on the Forest Ridge Draft Development Plan which has been submitted by 10 Consulting Group on behalf of the land owner, Bazem Pty Ltd. The Draft Development Plan proposes to develop the land for a mix of housing, open spaces, new roads and pathways.

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The 9 hectare former ATV-0 Television Studios at 104-168 Hawthorn Road, Forest Hill is identified as a Strategic Redevelopment Site in the Whitehorse Planning Scheme and is zoned Residential Growth Zone Schedule 2. The site is identified for substantial change which supports increased residential densities and housing choice by allowing for a diversity of dwelling types, sizes and tenures to suit a range of household types.

The site contains the television studios, which were constructed in 1963 on an original 20 acre site of a former apple orchard. The broadcast signal was changed to Channel Ten in 1978 and from 1980 became known as Network 10. After 30 years of operating in Forest Hill, ATV-0 vacated the studio complex in 1992 and moved to premises in South Yarra.

The Forest Hill complex has continued to be used for the production of particular Network Ten programs, including Neighbours, which has been produced and filmed at the studios (currently leased by Fremantle Media) and the nearby Pin Oak Court, Vermont South.

Planning Scheme Amendment C110 & C157

Amendment C110 implemented recommendations from the Tally Ho Major Activity Centre Urban Design Framework 2007 and the Tally Ho Urban Design and Landscape Guidelines 2013. The Amendment was approved on 22 October 2015 and applied Development Plan Overlay Schedule 5 to the site.

Amendment C157 (Part Two) implemented the Whitehorse Heritage Review 2012 recommendations. The amendment sought to apply a heritage overlay to the site and was approved by the Minister for Planning with changes on 1 June 2017. The approved changes include a reduction to the extent of the Heritage Overlay to cover the three main buildings, the administrative block, studio block, scenery store and the transmission tower.

Development Plan

A Development Plan is required under the planning controls to progress development of the site. The Development Plan is proposed in two stages. Stage One covering majority of the site; and Stage Two relating to the Heritage Building in the centre of the site.

Draft Development Plan Proposal – Stage One

The main features of the Development Plan - Stage One are as follows (refer to concept plan below).

  • Up to 600-700 dwellings comprising apartments, detached housing and townhouses;
  • Buildings up to six storeys, transitioning to two storeys at the sites edges;
  • Internal roads with the main access via a proposed roundabout on Hawthorn Road, and proposed left in, left out access on Springvale Road;
  • New Public Open Space connecting with Ansett Crescent Reserve in the south west corner of the site;
  • A central primary access from Hawthorn Road;
  • Residential development in front of the heritage studios and removal of the later 1970’s/80’s additions across the front of the heritage building;
  • The potential for retail fronting Springvale Road.

If approved the Development Plan will enable future planning applications that are consistent with the Development Plan and the planning controls to be considered without advertising to the community.

Additional information is available in the 26 June 2017 Council Report.

Hard copies of the Draft Development Plan will be on display at:

Council Customer Service Centres at the Whitehorse Civic Centre in Nunawading, the Box Hill Town Hall and Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre; and

The four municipal libraries at Nunawading, Box Hill, Blackburn and Vermont South.

Feedback can be submitted until 30 July 2017 by contacting us;




Forest Ridge Draft Development Plan
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Forest Ridge Draft Development Plan 

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