Whitehorse City Council

Forms Online - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my applications be processed quicker?
Yes, applications submitted through Forms Online will be automatically sent to the relevant department without the need for manual work flowing.

2. What options do I have for paying online?
Payments can be made using either VISA or Mastercard credit cards with no additional surcharges. All online payments are processed securely via council’s payment provider CBA.

3. Will I receive an electronic receipt?
Yes, you will be emailed an electronic receipt to the Email Address supplied during the online application process along with a unique transaction reference code.

4. Do I still need to download and fill in the PDF application & Credit Card form from the City of Whitehorse website?
No, the new Forms Online replaces the existing application lodgment and payment process.

5. Can I still submit an application via email or mail?
Yes, the existing application lodgment methods are still available, but they may take longer to process, including the sending of the payment receipt.

There is no need to send the application form if you have used the online application form – this may cause duplication and delay processing times.