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Gold Star Recycling Incentives Program

Throughout the year, Gold Star Recycler teams will leave information on selected recycling bins and in letterboxes to help households recycle all they can and reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill. The Gold Star teams will operate during recycling bin collection weeks.

Residents found to be recycling particularly well will be invited to join the Gold Star Recyclers program and be rewarded with reward points provided through Council’s GreenMoney Rewards program.  This points can be redeemed for goods and services at local Whitehorse businesses.  Any household is welcome to sign up to this program and can do so at www.greenmoney.com.au. To learn more about how this program works you can watch this short video.

Recycling the correct items is vitally important to avoid contamination of the recycling process. Putting incorrect items in the recycling bin can cause a number of serious problems such as damage to the contractor’s collection vehicles, health hazards for people hand-sorting the items, or the need to send contents to landfill.  Households are reminded to ensure recyclable items are placed loosely in the bin and not put in a plastic shopping bag.

To find out what can and cannot be recycled, visit www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/Recycling-services.html or https://www.visy.com.au/recycling-education/what-can-you-recycle/

Already a Gold Star Household?

When the teams come across households that recycle correctly, they will be left a card that includes the ‘Gold Star Recycler’ pledge. Households can then commit to the pledge and return the card to receive a Gold Star Recycler pack.

Not Yet a Gold Star Recycler?

For those households that aren’t gold star performers yet, our gold star recycler team will be leaving educational material and a card that can be returned to Council to receive further materials about recycling right. These households will also have the opportunity to take part in next year’s Gold Star Recycling program.

What you should do to Become a Gold Star Recycler?

  • All rigid plastic bottles and containers from the bathroom, kitchen or laundry are re-used or recycled
  • All steel and aluminium cans are recycled
  • All magazines, newspapers and paper cartons are recycled
  • All retail packaging is re-used or recycled where possible
  • There are no plastic bags in the recycling bin
  • All unwanted household products are recycled or donated where possible

Think You are a Gold Star Household?

If you think you are already a Gold Star Recycler, you can nominate your household for a visit from our team by completing the form below. One of Whitehorse’s Gold Star teams will visit your household during the program period. Remember, the Gold Star team may not visit your house immediately, so make sure you recycle right all year round.

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