Whitehorse City Council

Good Governance

Good governance relates to transparency, accountability and equality. Click on the links below for more information relating to how Council measures its performance, the Victorian Charter of Human Rights, and corrupt or improper conduct procedures.

Victorian Charter of Human Rights
The Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 sets out the freedoms, rights and responsibilities of all Victorians.

Corrupt or Improper Conduct Procedures
In accordance with the Protected Disclosure Act 2012, Council is committed to integrity and commitment in all its operations.

Best Value Program
Councils are obliged to review all their services and adopt service delivery models that are the best on offer to meet the needs of their community.

Audit Advisory Committee
The Audit Advisory Committee is an advisory committee whose role is determined by the Local Government Act1989 and Council. It monitors the Council’s audit processes, including the Council's internal control activities.

Customer Complaint Resolution Policy
The Complaint Resolution Policy outlines Council’s complaint management process, including the manner in which a complaint will be investigated and how a customer can seek an internal review on their matter.