Whitehorse City Council

Green Shopping

Choosing which products to buy can often be a big decision. We can help make a positive impact on our environment by selecting products that are more eco-friendly.

Next time you go shopping consider some of the following.  


Is the packaging made from recycled material or can it be recycled itself? Buying products that use recycled materials in their packaging helps save resources such as paper, water and electricity.

Is the packaging able to be recycled or re-used? Recycling packaging means less rubbish going into landfill. If the packaging isn't able to be recycled through council services perhaps you can use it for something else instead of throwing it out.


Travel Miles  

Where was the product made? Buy locally made or grown food. This helps the economy in your local area as well as reducing the amount of greenhouses released transporting the food to you. The further the item has travelled to you, the more it has contributed to greenhouse emissions.

Buying local also means you have more of a chance of finding out what conditions the produce was grown under.  



Avoid using plastic bags as much as possible or at least re-use ones you already have at home. There are many greenbag alternatives available, as well as trolleys and baskets to carry shopping in.  


Organic Produce

Organic produce has been grown without the use of traditional chemical fertilisers and pesticides. If you're buying organic make sure that you are buying properly certified products.