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Greywater Treatment System Rebate

As part of Council’s continuing process of providing incentives for the community to save water and reduce the use of potable water, Council has introduced a new incentive for residential households to install approved permanent greywater treatment systems. Greywater is the waste water that comes from the laundry, kitchen or bathroom that usually needs some form of treatment before it can be safely re-used around the home.  

What is a permanent greywater treatment system?

A permanent greywater treatment system collects, treats and disinfects greywater generated from a household. These systems usually include primary treatment in the form of a grease trap and coarse filter and a secondary aerobic treatment and disinfection. The input to the system needs to be permanently connected to the dwelling and the output needs to be plumbed back in to the house and/or to a sub-surface irrigation system.  

What is the rebate?

The City of Whitehorse is providing residents with a rebate of $100 for the purchase and installation of a permanent greywater treatment system that is compliant with Environment Protection Authority (EPA) requirements as defined by the following EPA publications:  

  • ‘Greywater use around the home’ (EPA publication 891.2); and
  • ‘Guidelines for environmental management: code of practice - onsite wastewater management’ (EPA publication 884.1).  

What are the rebate conditions?

  • Available for domestic installations only
  • System must be brand new (i.e. not second hand), purchased and installed after 1 July 2011 
  • All systems must be installed by a licensed plumber with Proof of Installation Certificate provided 
  • The greywater system must include subsurface irrigation
  • Receipts for greywater system and subsurface irrigation components must be provided 
  • System is to be compliant with EPA publications 891.2 and 884.1. Only systems that treat greywater only are eligible for a Whitehorse City Council rebate
  • A selection of direct diversion non treatment greywater systems are eligible for for the rebate however must be listed on the state government’s Our Water Our Future website 
  • System must be fully operational 
  • Permanent greywater treatment systems must not contain blackwater (water from a toilet or septic tank).

How do I know what systems are eligible?

All eligible Treatment Type Greywater systems are listed on the Environment Protection Authority website. Link to greywater only or wastewater or greywater

Note: only systems that treat greywater only are eligible for a Council rebate. A selection of direct diversion non treatment greywater systems are eligible for the Council rebate however they must be listed on the state government’s Our Water Our Future website.

If you would like to apply for a rebate, download the Greywater Rebate Claim Form from the Sustainability Forms page and return to:

Greywater Rebate
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