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Growing Organic Produce

Tomato PlantGrowing your own produce reduces your reliance on commercially grown fruit and vegetables. It allows you to know what you are eating. It is a healthier, cheaper and fun alternative to having to go the supermarket.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of room, almost everyone can grow something to use in their kitchen.

By using natural alternatives to chemical fertilizers and pesticides you be confident that what your eating is good for you.

Here are some tips for growing organic produce: 

  • Most fruit and vegetables grow best when they are in full sun
  • Some herbs, vegetables and fruits can be grown in pots so you don't even need a garden
  • Plants in rich soil and with suitable water should be able to withstand most insects, but you can also discourage aphids, flies, caterpillars and cabbage worms by planting garlic, onions and marigolds throughout your garden
  • Encourage birds in your garden, these will help control insects 
  • Try and make sure that everything you use is organic i.e. seeds, soils and fertilisers
  • Nutritionally rich soil is the key to having a successful garden and a good crop. Using organic compost can help to achieve this
  • Watering your organic garden less often and more deeply encourages plants to grow deeper root systems, which allow them to tap into a wider variety of soil nutrients and become more drought resistant