Whitehorse City Council

Harding Street Reserve, Surrey Hills

Council has developed a draft Landscape Concept Plan to guide the future development of Harding Street Reserve, Surrey Hills.

A summary of the recommendations from the draft plan include:

  • Removal of existing planting in a number of locations and replacement with new planting and grassed areas;
  • Realignment of existing footpaths at the southern end of the reserve;
  • Replacement of a number of new seats and retaining walls;
  • Formation of new drainage swales to cope with the stormwater runoff and erosion in a number of locations in the reserve;
  • Retain and improve current outlook;
  • Keep the existing grassed open space area and cricket wicket.

Submissions are open

Submissions for the draft Landscape Concept Plan will close 4pm Friday 16 September 2016.

Please email your comments to Johnnie.Barrie@whitehorse.vic.gov.au


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