Whitehorse City Council

Indigenous Small Shrubs

Arranged alphabetically by botanical name.

Click on the links below for a detailed fact sheet of each species. Each fact sheet contains practical information and photos to help residents choose the right plant for their garden including the height, width, flowering times and requirements of each indigenous plant.

Botanical Name Common Name
Chrysocephalum semipapposum Clustered Everlasting
Dillwynia cinerascens Grey Parrot Pea
Enchylaena tomentosa Barrier Saltbush, Ruby Saltbush
Hibbertia obtusifolia Showy Guinea-flower, Grey Guinea-flower
Hibbertia stricta Erect Guinea-flower
Linum marginale Native Flax, Wild Flax
Pimelea humilis Common Rice Flower, Small Rice Flower
Pultenaea gunnii Golden Bush Pea
Ranunculus inundatus River Buttercup