Whitehorse City Council

Indoor Sports Facility Feasibility Study

The Indoor Sports Facility Feasibility Study will assess the current provision of indoor court space in the City of Whitehorse, quantify existing and likely future demand for indoor court sports and identify an appropriate strategic approach for the future provision of indoor facilities.

The study will consider issues including:

  • Industry trends and trends specific to the City of Whitehorse relating to changing demographics and community needs.
  • Determining if there is a need for new and/or redeveloped indoor facilities in Whitehorse and for which sports and activities.
  • The level of demand for different types of indoor sports, and how that demand is being met within the City and across the region.
  • Partnership opportunities, including the role of schools, private providers, peak associations and Council.

Thank you for participating in the consultation that has been undertaken to date.

If you have any questions regarding the project please contact Leonie Gibson, Senior Project Officer, Parks Planning and Recreation, City of Whitehorse at leonie.gibson@whitehorse.vic.gov.au or phone Council’s Leisure and Recreation Services Department on 9262 6371.