Whitehorse City Council

Keeping Additional Pets

Council has a local law that allows residents to keep a maximum of three dogs or three cats and any combination of the two up to a total of four animals. Pet owners wanting to keep more animals should download and submit the pdf icon  Multiple Animals Permit Application Form (226.92kB) 

Without a permit, the number of animals on one property at any time must not exceed the maximum number set out in the table below. 

Type of Bird or Animal Small Premises Other Premises
Poultry (excluding roosters) 0 6
Roosters 0 0
Caged birds 5 10
Rabbits 1 5
Rodents 2 6
Reptiles 5 5
Racing pigeons 0 40
Domestic farm animals Only permitted where there is 2000 square metres of open land per animal
All other animals 0 0