Whitehorse City Council

Keeping Whitehorse Clean

StreetscapeMaintaining a clean environment for living, working and playing in the City of Whitehorse is achieved with a system of efficient cleaning throughout the municipality.

Council regularly cleans streets and laneways, parks, gardens, public toilets, barbeques and shopping centres to ensure a high level of enjoyment of these public places by our residents and visitors. Residents can call Council's Customer Service Department on 9262 6333 to report dumped rubbish and dead animals.

Graffiti Removal Information
Graffiti removal and reporting graffiti vandalism.

Street & Laneway Cleaning
Council cleans residential streets, laneways and footpaths within shopping centres to ensure that Whitehorse’s streets are clean and safe.

Clean Up Australia Day
Information about Clean Up Australia Day – Australia's largest community-based environmental event.