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Key Age and Stage Consultations

How many Key Age and Stage consultations are there?

Mums, babies and MCH nurse

The Maternal and Child Health Service offers 10 free Key Ages and Stages consultations.  At each of these consultations you can discuss your concerns, talk about your parenting experiences and any ways to improve your child's health, growth and development.  Additional appointments can be requested where there is the need.  Your nurse can also organise an interpreter if you require one.

Click on each Key Stage and Age Appointment to see what will be covered during your visit:

How long does a consultation last?

Initial home visit will be approximately 45 minutes to 60 minutes

  • 2 weeks old to 2 years old (except 4 week visit) visits will be approximately 30 minutes
  • 4 weeks old visit will be a slightly longer consultation of 60 minutes
  • 3.5 years old visit will be approximately 30 minutes