Whitehorse City Council

Lagerstroemia india x L. fauriei – Tuscarora

Lagerstroemia Coral Red Crepe Myrtle is one of the faster growing crepe myrtle hybrids, Lagerstroemia 'Tuscarora' is a small tree growing to a typical mature size of 5-6 metres high and four metres wide, with a broad spreading shape and stiff upright branching. Showy clusters of dark coral pink flowers in summer, glowing red-orange autumn foliage and smooth bark with area of pinkish browns and greys.

Evergreen/deciduous: deciduous
Maintenance: medium
Pest and disease: low
Height: 6m
Growth rate: moderate
Canopy density: medium
Origin: Asia (hybrid)
Drought tolerances: good
Water-logging tolerances: medium
Wind tolerances: high
Frost tolerances: high
Pollution tolerances: medium