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Love Food, Hate Waste this Christmas

7 Dec 2017

Council is reminding the community to keep in mind the amount of food they purchase, cook and throw away during this festive season.

Whitehorse Councillor Prue Cutts said food is at the heart of many Christmas celebrations for families all over Whitehorse, but this time of the year is also one of the worst times for generating a lot of avoidable food waste.

“In Victoria, the average household throws away one in every five bags of food they buy – that’s 20 per cent of their annual grocery budget,” Cr Cutts said.

“Food waste fills up our landfills unnecessarily and when food is wasted, so are the resources like water and energy that were used to process, package and transport that food to our homes.

“There are some simple tips to ensure waste is kept to a minimum this Christmas, and they are things we can do throughout the year to tackle this expensive problem.”

  • Plan meals – Take stock of what food and staple ingredients you already have in the pantry and write a shopping list. This helps over-purchasing perishable foods.
  • Store food correctly – Use airtight containers and labels on food you store in the freezer, and add the date it was frozen. Learn which fruit and vegetables should be stored separately to stop them going off quickly.
  • Embrace leftovers – Plan how you will use leftovers. Use cook books, websites and phone apps to search for recipes that will use leftover ingredients, such as chicken or cooked vegetables.

To learn more, visit www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/Love-Food-Hate-Waste.html

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