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Comedian, author Wendy Harmer talks Stuff and War on Waste

12 Apr 2018

Come along and hear broadcaster and entertainer Wendy Harmer discuss why humans have the desire to accumulate so much stuff, why we choose the things we do and why your "stuff" is treasured while mine is just "junk".

Whitehorse Councillor Denise Massoud said the presentation was one of  Council’s  Smarter Living workshops which run throughout the year. These cover a range of topics to help community members enjoy a more sustainable, waste-free, thrifty lifestyle centred on the home and garden.

“This entertaining workshop will help you come to grips with the amount of ‘stuff’ we have in our lives and take a fresh look at our needs and wants. Wendy will discuss decluttering, spending less and making thoughtful decisions about the objects and merchandise we let into our lives,” Cr Massoud said.

Wendy Harmer is one of Australia’s most versatile entertainers, broadcasters, authors, journalists and stage performers. She produced and wrote a four-part documentary called Stuff and her most recent adventure was as one of the presenters on the very popular War on Waste series.

The Smarter Living workshop series is a joint program between Whitehorse and Manningham City Councils.

Wendy Harmer – ‘Stuff and War on Waste’
When: Friday 27 April, 7pm-9pm
Where: Function Room 1, Manningham Civic Offices, 699 Doncaster Road, Doncaster
Bookings essential: http://www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/Sustainability-Events.html

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