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Sharrows aim to give space to cyclists

14 Jun 2018

Sharrows - shared lane pavement arrows to direct cars and bikes, have been recently added to two local streets in Whitehorse.

The line marking has been installed in Albion Road, Box Hill and the western end of Eley Road, Box Hill South.

Whitehorse Mayor, Councillor Andrew Davenport said sharrows are most often painted on the road near roundabouts, next to on-street parking and along cycling routes.

“The line markings help cyclists find the best position within a road lane and make drivers aware that cyclists have a legitimate right to be in that part of the road,” Cr Davenport said.

“Sharrows also aim to encourage drivers to be more tolerant by increasing the distance around cyclists.

“This is a particularly important way to prevent car doors being opened into the path of cyclists. Sharrows also help cyclists find their way along a bike route.”

The sharrows in Albion Road and Eley Road follow on from the sharrows installed along Dorking Road in Box Hill and Hanover Road in Vermont South in 2017. 

The project has been partly funded by the Transport Accident Commission.

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