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Live streaming: View Council meetings anywhere, any time

7 Nov 2018

Council meetings will be streamed to the web from 12 November this year so those interested can watch them anywhere and at any time.

Whitehorse Mayor Councillor Bill Bennett said this move was a positive one, set to engage the community in the week-to-week business of Council and make Council operations as transparent as possible.

“Viewers can watch Council’s business and decision-making processes at meetings live on all browser-based screens –  smart TVs, computers and mobile devices. The sessions will also be archived for later viewing,” Cr Bennett said.

Whitehorse City Council generally holds formal meetings on the second and third Mondays of each month in the Council Chamber, Whitehorse Civic Centre, Nunawading.

Council’s meeting schedule is shared between Special Committee and Ordinary Council and dates once set by Council are available on Council’s website.

To access live streaming and the archive, visit webcast.whitehorse.vic.gov.au

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