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Celebrating the power of vaccination: World Immunisation Week in Whitehorse

10 Apr 2019

What can be a stressful outing for babies, children and their carers just got a whole lot more fun with Whitehorse celebrating World Immunisation Day at its immunisation session at Nunawading on 24 April.

Whitehorse councillor Denise Massoud said Whitehorse would have colouring-in packs, face painting and other child-friendly activities at its April immunisation session in the Willis Room, Whitehorse Civic Centre, 379-397 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading.

“World Immunisation Day, founded by the World Health Organization (WHO), celebrates the wonderful, life-saving outcomes of vaccination programs around the world,” Cr Massoud said.

“Whitehorse offers a full program of immunisations for babies and children at various venues and on a range of days each month for all Whitehorse families to access.

“The experienced nurses giving vaccinations are full of great ideas to distract children from the vaccination procedure, but this month there will be even more fun diversions, including face painting and a kids’ activity corner at the Nunawading sessions.”

The theme of this year’s WHO campaign is Protected Together: Vaccines Work! and the campaign will celebrate Vaccine Heroes from around the world – from parents and community members to health workers and innovators – who help ensure we are all protected, at all ages, through the power of vaccines.

Immunisations against a range of diseases are required in Australia at the following ages: birth, 6 weeks-2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 4 years, when the child is in Year 7, when the child is in Year 10.

For more information, visit whitehorse.vic.gov.au/Immunisation.html

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