Whitehorse City Council

Renaming of Meeting Room 1 at Box Hill Library

The “Lewis Room”

Whitehorse City Council is seeking comment from the public on the renaming of Meeting Room 1 at the Box Hill Library.

Council received a request that Meeting Room 1 at the Box Hill Library be renamed the “Lewis Room” in recognition of former Chief Librarian Mr H.C (Bert) Lewis.

Being a Council owned building, the naming of the facility is subject to Council’s Criteria and Procedures for Naming Council Facilities policy. The naming policy complies with the guidelines of the Geographic Place Names Act 1998.

The renaming recognises the significant contribution of Mr H.C (Bert) Lewis to the local area including 27 years as Chief Librarian at Box Hill Library, and holding key positions in a number of community organisations including:  

  • Secretary of the Box Hill Council Centenary Committee (1957);
  • Founded the Australian collection at Box Hill Library (1959);
  • Served on the Executive of the Library Association and President (1961-62);
  • Founder of the Box Hill Historical Society (1963);
  • Rotary Club Citizen of the Year (1965);
  • Co-founder of the Box Hill Rostrum Club,  
  • Founder of the Box Hill Philatelic Society;
  • Served for 23 years on the Box Hill Cemetery Trust;
  • Long-time member of the Box Hill Businessmen’s Club.

Council is seeking comment from the wider community on the renaming of Meeting Room 1 at Box Hill Library.

Feedback in support or objection to the proposed renaming can be emailed to michael.mead@whitehorse.vic.gov.au or sent to;

Acting Open Space Planner
Parks Planning & Recreation
City of Whitehorse
Locked Bag 2
Nunawading Delivery Centre
Victoria 3131

Feedback will be received until close of business Friday August 24 2018.

The names and addresses of people making a submission may later be used in a Council meeting report.

Should you have any queries about this project, please contact Michael Mead, Acting Open Space Planner, Parks Planning and Recreation at michael.mead@whitehorse.vic.gov.au or 9262 7666.