Whitehorse City Council

Light Globe Recycling Program

Council has set up light globe recycling bins and boxes across the municipality for residents to drop off used or unwanted light bulbs. Old-style pear-shaped incandescent light globes and compact fluorescent lamps are no longer being sold in Australia (since November 2009).

The main drop-off point for residents wishing to recycle their old globes are:

  • Recycling and Waste Station, Corner Burwood Highway and Morack Road, Vermont South (globes and tubes)
  • Whitehorse Civic Centre, 379 – 397 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading (globes only)
  • Forest Hill Customer Service Centre, Forest Hill Chase, Forest Hill (globes only)
  • Box Hill Customer Service Centre, Box Hill Town Hall (globes only)

This service is for residents only (not commercial operations or businesses).

There are no fees or charges for residents to drop off their old globes for recycling. Council has allocated budget to cover the cost of establishing the recycling bins and for collection and processing of the redundant light globes.

CMA EcoCycle, a light globe recycling organisation have supplied Council with the bins and boxes to collect the light globes. The globes will then be taken to a recycling plant where almost all of the globe’s components are recycled. Please download the following brochure for further information on the recycling process involved: pdf icon CMA Eco Cycle Fluoro and Lamp Recycling Brochure (2.90MB)