Whitehorse City Council

Maternal & Child Health Services

Maternal and Child Health CentreCouncil provides a comprehensive maternal and child health service to parents and carers that offers support, advice and guidance on the health and development of their children.

The centre-based service is staffed by specialist nurses with general, midwifery and maternal and child health qualifications. The nurses form an integral part of the community and are often the first point of contact for new mothers upon discharge from hospital. All parents are offered a home visit after the birth of their baby.

Nurses are available for individual consultations and will arrange a schedule of visits with parents to discuss their child’s health and development, providing: 

  • Breast-feeding advice to new mothers plus access to a lactation consultant
  • A comprehensive quality immunisation service (working closely with Council's environmental health officers)
  • Developmental assessments in accordance with the recommended schedule
  • Vision screening at the appropriate ages
  • Appropriate parenting information and education

First time parent groups are available at all centres. These groups provide health education to new parents and establish a friendship network within the local community.

The service reflects the cultural diversity of Whitehorse with access to interpreter services and literature in languages other than English.

The nurses are committed to high quality service with continuous improvement and regular evaluation. Comments from users of the service are encouraged and welcome.

Council and the state government jointly fund the service. There is no cost to parents of children enrolled in the service.

For after hours, advice and assistance is just a phone call away. A maternal and child health 24-hour telephone service is available by calling 13 22 29.  

Maternal and Child Health Centres in Whitehorse  

Centre Address Phone
Burgess Family Centre 15 Barwon Street, Box Hill North 9898 3611 
Box Hill South Family Centre  Cnr Riversdale Road and Station Street, Box Hill South 9889 8900  
Blackburn North Family Centre Whitehorse Primary School, 70-86 Junction Road, Blackburn North 9262 6145 or 9262 6137
Forest Hill Family Centre 35 Bennett Street, Forest Hill 9262 6135 or 9262 6138
Mitcham Family Centre   15 Brunswick Street, Mitcham 9262 6195 or 9262 6198 or 9262 6170     
Vermont South Family Centre Karobran Drive, Vermont South 9262 6151   

Useful Information Links for Families: