Whitehorse City Council

Media & Latest News

Council publishes the monthly Whitehorse News to ensure residents, ratepayers, community groups and businesses have easy access to information about Council and the municipality.

Council also works with local and metropolitan media to communicate issues, initiatives and projects. Council generates a number of media releases each week that sometimes lead to news items in the local weekly publications: the News Limited-owned Whitehorse Leader and the Fairfax-owned Melbourne Weekly Eastern. Council also places a weekly advertisement – highlighting issues, initiatives and projects – in the Whitehorse Leader.

For more information about Council's Media Policy, please refer to the following document: pdf icon Media Relations Policy (39.15kB)

Many Council documents are available on this website in pdf format. If you require one of these documents in an alternative format, please contact Council's Communications Department by calling 9262 6124 or emailing customer.service@whitehorse.vic.gov.au

Latest News
Latest news about Council's services and activities.

Whitehorse News
Council publishes the monthly Whitehorse News for residents, ratepayers, community groups and businesses. The newsletter is distributed at the start of each month, providing information on a wide range of topics and issues affecting the city.

Student Enquiries
Council welcomes enquiries from students and will aim to respond to student requests in a timely manner.