Whitehorse City Council

MetroAccess – Community Building Program

MetroAccess is a partnership initiative between the Victorian Department of Human Services and local government. The aim of MetroAccess is to build the capacity of local communities across metropolitan Victoria so that they are more welcoming and inclusive of people with a disability. Regional and Rural Victoria are supported through RuralAccess and deafaccess officers.  

The objectives of MetroAccess are:

  • To mobilise and support people with a disability to optimise participation in the life of their local community
  • To build and strengthen the community’s capacity to provide support to people with a disability and their families
  • To facilitated integrated local planning and coordination which engages and involves people with a disability and their families, disability service providers and community organisations
  • To work with existing disability service providers to enhance their capacity to provide relevant and appropriate supports in the community
  • To improve access to information about relevant services and community activities available to people with a disability in their communities.  

Whitehorse Disability Policy and Action Plan

The pdf icon Whitehorse Disability Policy and Action Plan 2012-2016.pdf (929.88kB) assists Council to understand the aspirations, interests and needs of people with disability who are working, living, learning, taking part in recreational activities or visiting the municipality. 

Whitehorse MetroAccess Projects

The Encouraging Active Lifestyles for People with a Disability Project is a Whitehorse Council MetroAccess initiative that aims to explore the local experience and aspirations of people with a disability in relation to participation in sport and physical activity. In addition, the Encouraging Active Lifestyles for People with a Disability Project explore the perspectives of sporting organisations and disability service organisations in relation to their experiences as service providers. 

pdf icon Whitehorse Sport and Physical Activity Project Report (1.52MB)

Whitehorse Accommodation Forum

The aim of the forum was to provide information regarding safe, accessible and affordable housing options that enable people with a disability to live as independently as possible in the community.  

pdf icon Whitehorse Accommodation Forum Report (477.04kB) 

For more information, call 9262 6333 and ask to speak to Council’s MetroAccess Officer.

Disability Voices Project Report

The Disability Voices Forum was held on the 3 December 2012. Staff from a range of community and disability organisations came together to build their understanding of diverse communities and engage people with a disability from diverse communities in their organisations and services.  

This forum was delivered in partnership with EACH, Federal Department of Human Services – Centrelink, DAGER, Communities Council on Ethnic Issues, Migrant Settlement Committee.

For more information, read pdf icon Disabiltiy Voices Project Report (1.76MB)

Disability and Aboriginal Cultural Competence Report

Imbedding cultural respect and understanding into policy, service delivery and people management to improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their carers and families takes commitment and time. The Disability and Aboriginal Cultural Competence workshops presented an opportunity to share ideas, experiences and begin discussions.

The workshops provided opportunities for a broad range of local community and disability services to build their capacity to be responsive to the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with a disability.

For more information, download pdf icon Disability and Aboriginal Cultural Competence Report (908.88kB).

Accessible Communications Guides

People’s ability to read at a proficient level, understand and interpret information, influences their ability to make informed decisions and participate in the community. The Whitehorse Accessible Communication Project provided an opportunity for Whitehorse City Council to bring eastern metropolitan regional councils together to explore the issues and opportunities emanating from the desire to provide accessible communication that meets the needs of the community. The pdf icon Local Government Accessible Communication Guide (1.21MB) captures the research, knowledge, information and resources resulting from the Accessible Communication Forum and Workshops.  

The Local Government Accessible Communication Guide provides a local government focused resource that prompts thinking, suggests actions and provides linkages to further resources.

The pdf icon Community Organisation Accessible Communication Guide (899.20kB) was developed following requests from community organisations. The guide is designed to develop an understanding of accessible written communication and in turn help community organisations and businesses effectively promote their services and support services to a broad range of community members.

Council will be offering Accessible Communication Workshops in the coming months. Please contact Council’s MetroAccess Development Officer on 9262 6333 to register your interest or to discuss having the training delivered at your organisation.