Whitehorse City Council

Where Motorists Cannot Park

You cannot leave a vehicle stationary if it contravenes the Victorian Road Safety Road Rules (2009).

The most common road safety rule violations in the City of Whitehorse are:

  • Parked longer than the period specified on the sign
  • In a designated parking zone and where the correct permit is not displayed or is not the correct vehicle for that zone
  • Double parked
  • In a school crossing zone
  • Too close to an intersection
  • Across a lane or private driveway
  • Leaving less than 3 metres of road clear for traffic
  • On the wrong side of the road (facing the wrong direction of travel)
  • On a footpath, nature strip or reservation
  • In a no stopping zone
  • In a clearway, bus or transit lane
  • Opposite continuous double white lines

For more detailed information, consult the Parking Signs and Road Rules page of this website.