Whitehorse City Council

North East Link

The Victorian Government recently released the North East Link Environmental Effects Statement (EES) for public comment.  The EES outlines the project’s construction and operational impacts on the environment and how these impacts will be managed. 

Whitehorse, Boroondara and Banyule Councils have joined forces and have submitted a joint response on the EES. In our response, we cite significant and unacceptable risks to the ecological integrity of open spaces and a disastrous impact on homes, roads and community facilities.

North East Link will pass through critical points in Whitehorse, Boroondara and Banyule. Councils share a universal view that the North East Link project, taken as a whole, cannot be justified.

If the project proceeds along Corridor Option A, the Victorian Government’s preferred route for North East Link, Councils are concerned about the:

  • Acquisition and permanent loss of 30 hectares of open space and potential loss for up to 7 years of other open space
  • Up to seven years of disruption caused by construction activities
  • Loss of approximately 25,000 trees, including vegetation of national environmental significance and associated amenity and ecosystem services
  • Irreparable damage to the Yarra River floodplain, Koonung  and Banyule Creeks and other waterways
  • Adverse impacts on human health
  • Excessive widening of the Eastern Freeway
  • Traffic noise impacts affecting the livability of our communities
  • Traffic and congestion impacts
  • Overshadowing caused by elevated structures and noise walls

Alternative designs must be considered to save open space and minimise the impact of this project on the community.

Whitehorse, Boroondara and Banyule Councils will continue to strongly advocate for the Victorian Government to respect and value the places where we live, work and socialise.

Please find the full copy of the pdf icon joint Councils response to the North East Link EES (820.59kB).