Whitehorse City Council

Naturestrip Planting Guidelines

Naturestrips are the piece of public land often between the paved footpath and the kerb. Naturestrips usually consist of lawn and it is the responsibility of residents in the adjacent property to maintain the lawn by regular mowing, weeding and picking up of litter.

Some residents in the City of Whitehorse may wish to plant small plants on the naturestrip that add interest or complement the garden of the adjacent property. Before doing this, residents must obtain a permit issued by Council.

DOC icon Naturestrip Planting Permit Application Form (34.50kB)

When submitting an application to Council for consideration, please take the following into account:

  • An application will only be considered if it is made by the adjacent property owner
  • Any plantings will be in accordance with Council's Street Tree Strategy
  • Areas planted out must be mulched with an approved organic mulch
  • Plantings must be under 500mm in height at all times
  • Any plantings must be a minimum 500mm from the kerb to enable clear access
  • Trees, environmental or noxious weeds are not permitted
  • Disability access principles must be applied
  • Plantings must be spaced to enable pedestrian access to the footpath for long fronted properties exceeding 15 metres of naturestrip length
  • Accessibility to essential services and infrastructure placed in or under ground must be maintained at all times and any restoration work and costs must be met by the permit holder
  • Any approved street furniture including seats and signage must not be impacted by the plantings
  • Drought resistance species are preferred
  • Rocks, stakes, logs, sleepers, pebbles, stones or similar are not permitted
  • The permit holder must maintain the area to an acceptable standard determined by Council at all times
  • The permit holder must extend their domestic insurance public liability component, to cover the permit holder's liability at law only, with respect to the naturestrip. Council continues to insure its public liability for the naturestrip
  • Council may direct the reinstatement of the naturestrip at any time at the cost of the permit holder
  • Permits on major arterial roads will not be issued
  • Council has the right to reject any application if it considers the application inappropriate to the area
  • Council may issue a permit with special conditions

Applications to beautify a naturestrip are to be submitted in writing with a sketch/plan of the intended planting to:

Manager Compliance
Whitehorse City Council
Locked Bag 2
Nunawading Delivery Centre
VIC 3131

Alternatively, applications can be submitted at the Whitehorse Civic Centre, 379-397 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading.