Whitehorse City Council

Overhanging Vegetation

If you rent or own a home in Whitehorse, you must ensure that any footpaths or lanes that adjoin your property are free of overhanging vegetation such as trees, shrubs and ground covering that may obstruct pedestrians and traffic.

Clearing overhanging vegetation ensures the path is clear for all, including people using prams and wheelchairs.  

Council asks residents to ensure that:

  • Overhanging trees and branches are cut back to the properly line and are 2.5 metres clear of the footpath.
  • All plants protruding through or over the fence are trimmed back to the property line
  • Any ground cover on the footpath is cut back to the property line.

Please refer to the images on the right for before and after examples.

Please phone Council’s Community Laws Department on 9262 6394 for more information or to advise of a property with overhanging vegetation.