Whitehorse City Council

Park Trees

Council is responsible for the planning, planting and maintenance of trees within public parks, gardens, bushlands/indigenous corridors and reserves in the municipality. Council has a maintenance program which includes regular assessment of their health, safety, condition, pruning, removal and replanting requirements.

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Park Tree Planting

Whitehorse has over 350 parks with more than 350,000 trees.  They range in species from formal exotic trees to indigenous native species depending on the park function and setting. Existing park trees are supplemented with additional trees via our annual planting program with the aim to increase the canopy coverage of each park, providing additional shade and habitat opportunities. All newly planted trees are maintained appropriately by Council through their establishment phase until they can maintain themselves as mature trees.

Park Tree Pruning 

The park tree pruning program is a tree inspection & pruning program of variable frequencies depending on the potential hazards within the parkland.

All playgrounds and car parks within reserves are inspected and maintained on an annual program to ensure the risk to children, parents & property is minimised in the most frequently used assets within Councils parks and reserves.

Significant gardens throughout the municipality are inspected and maintained on a biennial program. Halliday Park, Civic Centre & surrounds, Box Hill Gardens and Kingsley Gardens are the most high profile open space areas throughout the municipality.

All other parks and reserves are inspected and maintained on a five year suburb based program. All park trees within indigenous corridors will be habitat pruned as required.

Council will respond to any request for reactive works to ensure satisfaction of residents in regard to tree issues within parklands.

All nearby residents will be made aware of upcoming works by signage within the parks and reserves and also letter drops to residents adjacent to the parkland.

Park Tree removal

The only instance where Council will require the removal of a park tree is where in the opinion of the Arborist, the tree is dead, dying or hazardous.