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Parking Permits

> Residential parking permits
> Disabled parking permits
> Construction workers parking permits
> Trader’s parking permits 

Residential parking permit

Council’s residential parking permit scheme exists in some areas of the city to provide a balance of on-street parking opportunities for residents, their visitors and other parking demands.

You can also fill in and submit the pdf icon residential parking permit application form (260.61kB). Fees may apply. 

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Disabled parking permitsDisabled Parking Permit

Holders of Category 1 Disabled Parking Permits (blue in colour) can park in:

  • Any Council parking bay at no charge, provided they observe parking restrictions relevant to their permit and the conditions of the parking bay; or 
  • Any designated Disabled Parking bay for the stipulated time displayed on the parking sign. 

Holders of Category 2 Disabled Parking Permits (green in colour) can park in any ordinary parking bay for double the period shown on the parking sign and payment of any initial applicable fee. They cannot park in a designated Disabled Parking bay.Category 2 Disabled Parking Permit

Holders of all disabled parking permits must clearly display their permit in their vehicle to be eligible for the relevant parking access.

For more information and to obtain a permit, fill in and submit the Disabled Person's Parking Scheme Application Form.



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Construction workers parking permits

A Construction Workers Parking Permit allows specific construction workers or tradesmen’s vehicles to park their vehicles on-street in designated areas for a minimum of one week up to a twelve week period. Typically, Construction Workers Parking Permits may be required for smaller projects where the parking opportunities may be limited due to the demand for parking and the existing on-street parking restrictions near the construction site.Construction Parking Permit

Enquiries regarding construction workers parking permit applications can be made to Council’s Transport section. For enquiries, please call 9262 6333 and ask for Transport.




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Trader’s parking permits

Trader parking permits are available for the following areas:


Area Permit numbers Expiry Annual fee
Bennetswood shopping strip (Bronte Road) 6 No expiry No charge
Blackburn 39 Annual $275
Brentford Square 120 No expiry No charge
Milne Road, Mont Albert North 9 No expiry No charge
Mitcham multi-deck car park (Britannia Mall and Brunswick off-street car park) 20 No expiry No charge
Mont Albert 60 No expiry No charge
Salisbury Avenue (Laburnum Street) 10 No expiry No charge

Enquiries regarding trader’s parking permit applications can be made to Council’s Compliance Department. For enquiries, please phone 9262 6333 and ask for Compliance.



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