Whitehorse City Council

Parking, Roads & Transport

Council is responsible for ensuring that roads, drains and footpaths within the municipality are safe, functional and properly maintained. Council also oversees road, cycle and pedestrian traffic and is working towards making travel in Whitehorse as efficient as possible.

Parking regulations are state laws that are supervised by Council's traffic officers and are designed to maintain safety and turnover of parking spaces.

Roads, Drains & Footpaths
Road and footpath maintenance, drainage, special charge schemes, Springvale Road Rail Separation Project.

Road Safety
Road safety issues in Whitehorse.

Street Lighting
Council is responsible for the provision of street lighting and pays United Energy (and City Power for a small area of Mont Albert North) to maintain and develop the street lighting network on its behalf.

Sustainable & Active Transport
Public transport, TravelSmart Map, Walking School Bus.

Whitehorse Integrated Transport Strategy
Council’s strategic policy that provides a framework for improving and promoting transport options that are sustainable, convenient, accessible and safe.