Whitehorse City Council

Parking in Box Hill

The City of Whitehorse has a wide range of parking available including free parking, metered, ticketed, time restricted or unlimited. The following information aims to assist motorists to locate suitable parking that is within a reasonable distance to the facility, business or residence that they are visiting.  

Listed below are just some of the car parks available and their location.

To find out more about Council's draft Box Hill Central Activities Area Car Parking Strategy, visit www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/Box-Hill-Car-Parking-Strategy.html

Parking Around Box Hill and Epworth Hospitals

Most of the parking available around the hospitals is ticket parking requires a fee to be paid. Signs indicate the time restriction in these areas. It is important that the parking ticket is placed face up on your dashboard.  

All day parking is available on the east side of Nelson Road between Thames Street and Whitehorse Road and on the west side between Whitehorse Road and Arnold Street. There are also a number of other all day parking options within reasonable walking distance of the hospitals. All other parking is two hours except for several bays that are metered parking. The Epworth Hospital does offer off street parking. Parking rates apply. 

City of Whitehorse Off Street Car Parks

Hourly rates or all day rates apply for parking. All day ticket parking is between 8.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Saturday. No fees apply on Sundays or public holidays. 

Cambridge Street off street car park
(Melway 47 D10)
Corner of Cambridge and Station Streets, Box Hill
Enter via Station Street or Cambridge Street 

Bruce Street off street car park
(Melway 47 D9)
Bruce Street, Box Hill
Enter via Bruce Street or Elland Avenue 

Court Street off street car park
(Melway 47 E9)
Court Street, Box Hill
Enter via Court Street

Ellingworth Parade off street car park
(Melway 47 D10)
Ellingworth Parade, Box Hill
Enter via Ellingworth Parade or Harrow Street

Harrow Street off street car park
(Melway 47 D10)
Harrow Street, Box Hill
Enter via Harrow Street or Station Street 

Shopping Centre Car Parks

These are privately owned car parks and fees and restrictions may apply. Ensure that if you park in these areas, that you read signs entering and within the parking areas for information regarding parking restrictions and any fees applicable. 

Box Hill Central, South Precinct
(Melway 47 C10)
Carrington Road, Box Hill
Enter via Carrington Road, Thurston Street or Station Street 

Box Hill Central, North Precinct
(Melway 47 C9)
Whitehorse Road, Box Hill
Enter via Whitehorse Road or Prospect Street

Note: the car park located outside the Prospect Street entrance to Centro Box Hill is not managed by Council or the shopping centre.