Whitehorse City Council


Why we monitor parking

Parking regulations are state laws that are supervised by Council's Parking Services Team. Parking restrictions are designed to maintain safety and ensure the turnover of the available parking spaces in a fair and equitable way.

The role of parking services officers

Parking services officers play an important role in administering and enforcing the restrictions as detailed in Part 12 of the Road Safety Road Rules Victoria (2017) to ensure safe, efficient and equitable road use.

Demand for on-street parking spaces, particularly around the Box Hill Hospitals, shopping and commercial precincts, schools, university zones and railway stations is extremely high. It is Council’s aim that everyone has fair access to on-street parking and that streets are safe for pedestrians and other road users.

To achieve this, Whitehorse City Council parking services officers patrol designated areas of the municipality providing customer service and advice. When officers observe illegal or unsafe parking, they also issue infringements.

When a parking services officer issues an infringement and it has been printed, they are unable to cancel it. However, on many occasions the parking services officer will seek voluntary compliance with the motorist (asking the motorist to leave the parking area) if they have not yet printed the infringement.

The parking services officer will normally affix the infringement notice to the passenger side of the windscreen or will hand you the infringement notice. Sometimes, an infringement notice may be sent to you in the mail.

But there’s more to parking services officer than administering and enforcing restrictions. A significant part of the role of our parking services officers is customer service – they inform and educate the community about a range of topics. They’re often asked about the Road Safety Road Rules 2009 to explain a particular parking sign or suggest alternative parking options.

Requesting a parking services officer

You can request a parking services officer to attend to a suspected illegally parked vehicle by calling 9262 6333 during business hours. Council will only attend illegally parked vehicles outside business hours where it is arranged with Council prior. Dangerously parked vehicles should be reported to the police.

NOTE: Council cannot have the illegally parked vehicle towed. Council parking services officers can only issue an infringement notice.

If you suspect that a vehicle in your street is abandoned or derelict, please contact the Compliance Department by calling 9262 6333 or by sending an email to customer.service@whitehorse.vic.gov.au