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Parking Infringements/Fines

> Penalty amounts
> How to avoid receiving a parking fine/infringement
> How to pay a fine/infringement 

So that motorists can have equitable access to the limited supply of on-street parking, Whitehorse City Council encourages a regular turnover of parking bays using a combination of different parking restrictions. To ensure compliance with the restrictions, we enforce the restrictions by issuing parking fines to non-compliant vehicles.

Parking services officers encourage voluntary compliance by motorists. This means that when a motorist is with their vehicle, they are typically given an opportunity to move before a parking fine is issued.

If you do not comply with a request made by a parking services officer within a reasonable time or your vehicle is illegally parked, you may receive a parking fine. You will need to pay the fine before the due day specified on the infringement notice, appeal the fine/infringement, or elect to have the matter heard at the Magistrates’ Court. Otherwise, you may incur further costs.

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Penalty amounts

Fine amount vary depending on the offence. The penalty units attributable to a parking offence are set out in the Victorian Road Safety Road Rules (Vic) 2009. Penalty unit amounts are set in accordance with the Monetary Units Act 2004 (Vic) and are implemented by Whitehorse City Council resolution. Accordingly, Council cannot vary or reduce these penalty amounts.

Please note that the fine values are subject to annual increases.

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How to avoid receiving a parking fine/infringement

Follow these simple tips to avoid receiving a fine/infringement:

  • Take the time to read the parking signs (there maybe more than one parking restriction that applies)
  • Think about how much time you’ll need when choosing a time restricted parking space
  • Park where the restrictions suit your needs
  • Park legally in unrestricted areas
  • Ensure your paid parking ticket is clearly displayed on your dashboard
  • Ensure your parking permit is clearly visible from outside the vehicle and the vehicle is parked in an area authorised by the permit (the permit is not valid if the details cannot be read from outside the vehicle).

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How to pay a fine/infringement

You may pay a fine/infringement four different ways.

IMPORTANT: Please wait three working days after the infringement date before you can pay the fine/infringement to allow for fine information to be loaded into the Council’s payment systems.

In person

Payments may be made at any of Council’s three Customer Service Centres:

Service Centre Address Cashier Hours of Operation
Nunawading Civic Centre, 379-397 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading 3131
Weekdays 8.40am to 5pm

Box Hill Town Hall Customer Service Centre,
1022 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill 3128 
Weekdays 9am to 5pm

Forest Hill Customer Service Centre
Shop 275, Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre
Canterbury Road, Forest Hill 3128
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday 9am to 12 noon

By mail

Cheque or money order payments can be mailed to Whitehorse City Council, Locked Bag 2, Nunawading Delivery Centre, 3131. Please ensure that you include your parking infringement number and the registration number of your vehicle with your mailed payment.

By phone

Credit card phone payment is available on 9697 5730. The service is provided by SecurePay.


Payment can be made by clicking on the Online Payment section of the website.

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