Whitehorse City Council

Parkland Advisory Committees

Parkland Advisory Committees are Council volunteers who provide valuable support for the care and improvement of many of our parks. Over the years Council has been appreciative of the co-operative relationship with our Parks Advisory Committees and community groups that have worked productively on many projects.

There are many examples of this co-operation including working bees, planting days, weed removal, revegetation and community education that all combine to enhance and protect our precious environment.

For more information, phone 9262 6333 and ask to speak to Council's Parks Planning and Recreation Department. Alternatively, search the Online Community Directory for a more detailed listing of each advisory committee.


Contact Details for Parkland Advisory Committees

Committee Name Phone Email Website
Antonio Park Advisory Committee 0408 138 278 m.linnett@yahoo.com  
Bellbird Dell Advisory Committee 9874 1572 makhijani@optusnet.com.au   www.bellbirddell.org
Blackburn Creeklands Advisory Committee 9894 3025 marypcrouch@gmail.com http://blackburncreeklands.wordpress.com
Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Advisory Committee 9878 6829 pdempsey@bigpond.com http://blackburnlakesanctuary.o rg    
Buckanbe Park Advisory Committee 9874 5469 vivienmay23@hotmail.com 
Campbells Croft / Abbey Walk 9874 6819 campbellscroft@yahoo.com.au www.ccaw.org.au
Cootamundra Walk Advisory Committee 9878 5998 wwmw@bigpond.com www.cootamundrawalk.wordpress.com
Halliday Park Advisory Committee 9874 4191 Smith.frederick.c@gmail.com  http://hallidaypark.webs.com
Harding Street Reserve Advisory Committee 0417 184 264 elizm@iprimus.com.au hardingstreetreserve.com.au
Ronald E Gray Reserve Advisory Committee 9878 9043
Heatherdale Creek Parklands Advisory Committee 9874 8801 vturnbull@optusnet.com.au   
Wandinong Sanctuary Advisory Committee 0418 525 591 louise@intherm.com.au www.wandinong.org
Wurundjeri Walk Advisory Committee 0408 800 290 mwoodford@iinet.net.au 


Yarran Dheran Advisory Committee 9874 5968 gay.gallagher@bigpond.com     https://yarrandherannaturereserve.wordpress.com/