Whitehorse City Council


Planning Enquiries

Planning Applications

  • Advertising Sign : Lodge a planning permit for Advertising Signage only
  • Change of Use : For use only planning applications such as New or Change of Use, request to waive/reduce carparking requirements, requests for a liquor licence
  • Multiple Dwellings : Lodge a planning permit for all unit development in residential zones. This includes the development of any dwelling on a site where a dwelling already exists
  • Multiple Dwelling Development and Use : Lodge a planning permit for all developments with a residential and commercial component
  • Single Dwelling : For construction of or extension to a dwelling on a lot with an area less than 300 square metres, alteration to a dwelling in an Overlay (eg. Heritage Overlay, Significant Landscape Overlay, Special Building Overlay), or a Satellite Dish
  • Other : Lodge a planning permit for other application types, including but not limited to industrial and/or business zone related applications
  • VicSmart Lodge a VicSmart Planning Application (other than tree removal)
  • VicSmart - Tree Application Only : VicSmart Planning Application to remove, destroy or lop one tree only

Amendment to a Planning Permit new

For more information read the Forms Online - FAQs.