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Council's Planning Department is responsible for ensuring that development in the municipality complies with relevant planning legislation. Staff also assess and determine planning applications under the Whitehorse Planning Scheme. This involves daily interaction with the community, through enquiries and notification of planning applications.

If residents or business owners in the municipality want to make changes to buildings on their property – such as renovating, installing a fence, erecting an advertising sign or converting a shop into a restaurant – they may need to obtain a planning permit and/or building permit before proceeding. 

People wishing to make changes to their buildings should call 9262 6303 and ask to speak to the Statutory Planning Unit who will help explain any planning restrictions and guidelines that may apply.
Click on the following link for all planning-related forms.
Planning Register and Advertised Plans
View current planning register and or planning permits at advertised stage.
VCAT Documents for Viewing
Documents provided in accordance with VCAT orders.

Planning Permit Process  
Residents or business owners wanting to make changes to buildings on their property may need to obtain a planning permit and/or building permit before proceeding. There are seven key stages to this process.

Whitehorse Planning Scheme
The Whitehorse Planning Scheme comprises state and local planning policies, Council's Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS), zoning maps and planning controls which specify how land in the municipality may be used and developed. 

FAQs About Planning
Frequently asked questions about the planning process.

Protecting Heritage Buildings
Heritage places add character, appeal and interest to our cities, towns and countryside. Respect for our cultural heritage involves retaining and managing places that have importance to us as a community.

Planning Strategies
Strategies, structure plans and framework that support the growth in residential, commercial and industrial development within the municipality.

Planning Scheme Amendments
This section of the website displays current amendments on exhibiton or in progress.

Land Use: Zones & Overlays
Zones and overlays show how your land can be used and developed. Every property in Whitehorse is zoned and this indicates the preferred land uses in an area. The main types of zones are residential, business and industrial.

Fees for Planning Permits
Listing of permit, amendment and service fees.

Whitehorse Planning Applications
Date versions of the list of planning applications.

Built Environment Awards  
The City of Whitehorse Built Environment Awards recognise well designed and sustainable building, landscape and urban design projects and the people who contribute towards them. Click on the link above to see award-winning projects for this year. 

Construction Management Plans  
Plans that specify how construction activity for a project will be organised to minimise disruption to the surrounding community.

Environmentally Sustainable Design
Whitehorse City Council is committed to creating an environmentally sustainable city.

Building in Whitehorse Understanding Obligations and Promoting Access 
Information to assist builders and developers meet all legislative and regulatory requirements regarding people's access to buildings and properties.