Whitehorse City Council

Parking, Roads & Transport

Policies, Strategies & Plans

    Discontinuance and Sale of Unnecessary Roads Policy
    pdf icon Discontinuance and Sale of Unnecessary Roads (317.84kB)

    Policy that facilitates the discontinuance and sale of unnecessary right-of-ways and roads.

    Parking on Nature Strips Policy
    pdf icon Parking on Naturestrip Policy (278.19kB)

    Policy regarding the enforcement of Road Rules Victoria Section 197(1) for parking of vehicles on the nature strip.

    Community Road Safety Strategy 2013
    pdf icon Road Safety Strategy 2013 (2.12MB)

    This strategy aims to reduce the road casualty crashes in Whitehorse and to improve the safety and accessibility for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users.

    Integrated Transport Strategy 2011
    pdf icon Integrated Transport Strategy 2011 (2.20MB)

    The Whitehorse Integrated Transport Strategy 2011 considers the different modes of transport available to the Whitehorse community and provides direction to facilitate travel options and networks that are sustainable, convenient, accessible and safe.

    Heritage Kerbs Channels and Laneways Policy
    pdf icon Heritage Kerbs Channels and Laneways Policy (1.28MB)

    Policy that aims to preserve significant heritage bluestone kerb and channeling, bluestone laneways and brick laneways in the City of Whitehorse.

    CCTV in Public Places Policy
    pdf icon CCTV in Public Places Policy (114.04kB)

    This policy aims to assist Council to regulate the operation and management of Council-owned CCTV systems that have been installed for use in public places.

    Cycling Strategy
    pdf icon Whitehorse Cycling Strategy 2016 (2.48MB)

    The strategy guides Council in implementing education, infrastructure and advocacy actions that aim to increase participation in cycling across the municipality.