Whitehorse City Council

Public Health Nuisance

There are any number of nuisances that can be dangerous to health or offensive. The Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 lists the nuisances that are controlled by Whitehorse City Council. These include nuisances arising from or caused by:

  • Any premises
  • Water
  • Animal, bird or insects
  • Accumulation of refuse
  • Noise or emission
  • Other matters can also be classed as a nuisance.

A person commits an offence if they cause a nuisance or allow a nuisance to exist on, or come from, their land.

Council is required to investigate all alleged nuisances. If the authorised officer is satisfied that a nuisance exists they may serve an Improvement Notice, prosecute the matter in the Magistrates’ Court or, if they believe that the matter is best dealt with privately, advise the person about means of settling the matter, for example by referring them to the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (a free service offered by the Department of Justice).