Whitehorse City Council

Hairdressing, Beauty & Body Art Health For Your Business or Community Group

Personal care and body art businesses should supply professional, competent, safe and hygienic practices in clean premises. Unsafe and unhygienic practices can lead to the spread of infectious diseases that can affect the health of the client as well as jeopardise the health of the operator. Illnesses such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS can be spread by blood-to-blood contact, so it is essential that staff understand the precautions required for any procedure that may involve skin penetration and possible blood contamination.

All businesses within the City of Whitehorse involved in personal care and body art industries, such as hairdressers, beauty therapists, nail salons, tattooists, ear/body piercers and colonic irrigation needs to comply with the standards as specified in the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009.

This means that business owners and their staff are legally responsible for ensuring the procedures undertaken are safe and hygienic. They must also register their health premises with Council.

Council’s Environmental Health Officers are responsible for regularly inspecting all types of hairdressers, beauty and body art businesses to ensure they are structurally sound, safe and hygienic and provide advice and information to owners and community.

Environmental Health Officers also respond to public complaints about poor hygienic practices and premises.

Starting a New Hair, Beauty or Body Art Business
Information on how to obtain a Certificate of Registration from Council

Purchasing an Existing Hairdressing, Beauty or Body Art Business
Tips on what you should do before purchasing an existing hairdressing, Beauty and Body Art Business.

Hairdressing, Beauty and Body Art Health Complaints
Information about Council’s complaints process.

5-Star Health Hygiene Assessment
Council’s 5-Star Health Hygiene Assessment System evaluates hygiene standards of Personal Care and Body Art Premises such as hairdressers, beauty therapy, body piercing, tattooists and colonic irrigation.

Forms relating to health businesses can be downloaded from the Food and Health Forms section of the website.

For more information, contact Council’s Environmental Health Unit on 9262 6197.