Whitehorse City Council

Quercus robur – Fastigiata

Large columnar, deciduous tree maturing into a dense, elongated oval shap with a short trunk. Dark green lobed obovate leaves, pale bluish-green beneath. Autumn colour is yellow to tan, quite dull, often remaining on the tree for some time before dropping. Acorns elongated oval to about 2.5cm long. Adapted to a wide range of soil pH. Suitable for site where spread is limited, good avenue tree.

Evergree/deciduous: evergreen
Maintenance: medium
Pest and disease: low
Height: 15 - 20m
Growth rate: moderate
Canopy density: high
Origin: Europe
Drought tolerances: moderate
Water-logging tolerances: good
Wind tolerances: high
Frost tolerances: high
Polutions tolerances: moderate