Whitehorse City Council

Residential Corridors Built Form Study

Whitehorse City Council, together with consultants Ethos Urban, has prepared draft Built Form Guidelines for land in the Residential Growth Zone along key road corridors in the municipality.

The study establishes built form controls to better guide development outcomes. The controls relate to building setbacks, architecture and height, building separation, overshadowing, landscaping and pedestrian and vehicle access.

January 2019 update

At its meeting on 29 January 2019 Council resolved as follows:

That Council:

  1. Adopt the Draft Residential Corridors Built Form Study at Attachment 1.
  2. Seek authorisation from the Minister for Planning under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Section 8a) to prepare and exhibit an amendment to the Whitehorse Planning Scheme to implement the recommendations of the Study.
  3. Advise all submitters to the Residential Corridors Built Form Study consultation of this resolution.

Download a copy of the Council Report and decision.
Dowload the adopted Report:

Where is the project area?

The pdf icon Study Area (183.92kB) focuses primarily on the major east-west tram and road corridors, where there is an interface between the RGZ and GRZ or NRZ to the rear or side.  Specifically, this project is looking at Burwood Highway, generally between Elgar Road, Burwood and Hanover Road, Vermont South and Whitehorse Road in Mont Albert, Laburnum and Nunawading.

What has happened so far?

Council sought feedback about development in the study area, through a community survey which was promoted via pdf icon Bulletin no 1 (994.04kB). The Bulletin outlined the project and included a link to the online survey.

There was an excellent response to the survey, with almost 400 surveys completed. Thank you to those who participated. Download a copy of pdf icon summary of the community feedback.

How can I find out more information?

For further information, contact the Strategic Planning Unit on 9262 6303 or visit the Planning Counter at the Whitehorse Civic Centre.

Download the pdf icon Study Bulletin #2.pdf (377.83kB)
Download the pdf icon feedback form (80.36kB)
Download the pdf icon Consultation Boards (5.59MB)

Privacy Statement
Any personal information collected will be used solely by Council for the primary purpose of conducting the Residential Corridor Built Form Study. The intended recipients of the information are Council’s Strategic Planning officers and their consultants. Council may disclose information to organisations authorized to collect it. Individuals have a right to seek access to their personal information and make corrections by contacting the Planning and Building Department on 9262 6303. You may also view Council’s Privacy Policy or obtain a copy from any of our Council offices.