Whitehorse City Council

2018 Community Satisfaction Survey

Council has performed highly in the 2018 Community Satisfaction Survey, coordinated by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.  View the full pdf icon 2018 Community Satisfaction Whitehorse City Council Report (3.40MB), or the summary in pdf icon  2018 Community Satisfaction – Whitehorse City Council Summary Analysis (679.72kB).

JWS Research, on behalf of the Victorian Government department, surveyed 68 participating councils across Victoria. Four hundred Whitehorse residents and ratepayers over the age of 18 were selected at random for a telephone interview between 1 February to 30 March 2017. Results reveal that Council received strong positive ratings on the core measures of sealed local roads, customer service and overall performance.

Council performed well on individual service areas and received positive ratings for most services. Highly rated services included recreational facilities, waste management, art centres and libraries, the appearance of public areas, community and cultural activities, and family support services.

The survey sought residents’ views on Council performance across a range of measures to get an insight into ways to provide more effective service delivery if needed.

Council views the survey as a useful resource in gauging community needs and wants. The survey also provides Council with a means of fulfilling some of its statutory reporting obligations.

View the full 2018 state survey.

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