Whitehorse City Council

Gambling Related Harm

Council acknowledges that pokies are a form of recreational activity that can have a negative impact for some people, their families and the broader community. With this in mind, Council recognises that it has a responsibility – shared with the state government and the gaming industry – to minimise the impacts of gambling on the Whitehorse community.

The City of Whitehorse has six gaming venues and 431 electronic gaming machines i.e. ‘pokies’. Council is committed to the number of pokies remaining static within the municipality. This involves assessing every application for any proposed new gaming venue or change in the number of pokies in an existing venue in accordance with the pdf icon Whitehorse Responsible Gambling Policy 2011 (181.73kB).

Council continues to support emergency relief and counselling agencies to provide assistance to those people affected by gambling. 

Alliance for Gambling Reform

Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs or pokies) can have a major effect on some people in the community. Council is proud to help promote the Ka-Ching film which was aired on the ABC on the 20 October 2015.

You can watch the trailer here.

Become part of the campaign and help distribute the material.

Other information on the harm of problem gambling can be found:

The issue is very important to Whitehorse as it is home to 431 pokie machines. In 2015-2016, $52,884,290 was lost by community members which equates to about $144,888 lost every day.

For information on how to reduce gambling harm, go to Gambling Help Online for live counselling, email support and self-help tools, or contact Gambler’s Help Eastern on 1300 131 973.