Whitehorse City Council

Road Management Plan

Council has adopted the pdf icon  Road Management Plan 2015 (1.56MB) to provide a framework to strategically manage Whitehorse's road and footpath network. The current Road Management Plan was adopted by Council on 17 August 2015 after reviewing its Road Management Plan previously adopted in 2009.

The Road Management Plan is prepared in accordance with Part 4, Division 5 of the Road Management Act 2004. This Act reforms the law relating to road management in Victoria, establishes the general principles that apply to road management and sets out certain rights and duties of road users.

The Road Management Plan does not apply to arterial roads and freeways. VicRoads is responsible for these roads. Council may be responsible for those sections of arterial roads outside of the through traffic lanes.

The pdf icon  Whitehorse Road Register (822.49kB) identifies which roads or parts of roads Council is responsible for.