Whitehorse City Council

Roads, Drains & Footpaths

Council is responsible for the asset management of key infrastructure including 734 kilometres of road, 1340 kilometres of footpaths, 824 kilometres of underground drains, nine litter traps, 38 litter baskets and approximately 10,100 streetlights.

Council has developed a series of strategies to ensure improvements and maintenance are carried out as required.

Road Management Plan
Council has developed a Road Management Plan to provide a framework to strategically manage Whitehorse's road and footpath network.

Road & Footpath Maintenance
Road maintenance, including road refurbishment, road reconstruction, rebuilding and resurfacing is undertaken by Council’s Engineering and Environmental Services Department.

Council oversees an extensive stormwater network that comprises 824 kilometres of underground pipes, eight litter traps and 31 litter baskets.

Protecting Council's Assets
Council spends significant funds each year on maintaining the city’s assets – roads, footpaths, nature-strips and kerbs. Approval is required from Council if undertaking works that could affect Council’s assets.  

Construction Management Plans
Plans that specify how construction activity for a project will be organised to minimise disruption to the surrounding community.

Special Charge Schemes
Council’s Special Charge Scheme policy applies to infrastructure projects.

Engineering Civil Plans
Civil/drainage plans must be submitted to Council for approval when a planning permit has been issued for development work within Whitehorse.

Engineering Clearance
Engineering Clearance is the approval given by Council’s Civil Works Inspector after a satisfactory inspection of Civil Works conducted - e.g. Vehicle Crossing, Stormwater Connection to council’s assets either within an easement, council reserve or road reserve, including for Statement of Compliance purposes.