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Get fit, have fun: Walk to School during October

14 Sep 2017

If you don’t already regularly walk to school, next month offers a great chance to give it a try by joining the Walk to School event running from Monday 9 October to Tuesday 31 October.

Whitehorse Councillor Ben Stennett said Council teamed each year with VicHealth to work with local primary schools during October, encouraging families to take part in Walk to School month.
“The aim of the campaign is to get students walking, riding or scooting to and from school as often as possible during the Walk to School event as part of adopting a healthy lifestyle. This is based on extensive research and evidence that increased physical activity in Victorian children can provide real health benefits,” Cr Stennett said.

The campaign is also an opportunity for the community to discover that active travel is easy and for students to discuss road rules/safe walking as they travel. Students who walk to and from school with family members get the chance to chat and share observations about the world around them.

“Using active travel to get to and from school – by foot, by bike or by scooter – also helps students achieve the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day research shows they need for maintaining physical health,” Cr Stennett said.

And remember: Part way is ok! If you can’t walk all the way, why not park the car a few blocks from school and walk, ride or scoot the rest of the way?

For more information and details about registering a participating school, visit www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/Walk-to-School.html

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